Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can have a hard time working out in the winter. I know I certainly have difficulties sometimes which is why I wanted to share my insight on how I handle the weather blues and help everyone else feeling the same.

Cold days and long nights make it hard to get out of your cozy bed, let alone get moving. However, there are simple ways to change your mindset about the weather and get moving 🙂 

Here are 10 tips on how to motivate yourself to stay active this winter.

1. Figure out what time of the day works best for you

Separate a consistent time of the day, everyday or every other day depending on how many times you workout during the week to exercise. Make sure to choose a time of the day that works best with your schedule. If you are an early bird, lay out your workout clothes the night before or if you know it’s going to be a cold week, you can even sleep in them! If you workout during your lunch, be sure to pack a lunch for yourself the night before so that you aren’t cranky later from lack of food. If you’re someone like me that prefers to workout after work, simply make your workouts clothes an underlayer. It’ll definitely work in your favor!

2. You can workout from the comfort of your home

The cold can’t stop you from working out and i’m living proof you don’t need a gym membership to exercise ;). You can easily workout from the comfort of your home with your bodyweight! There are tons of different varieties of workout you can find on youtube or follow my 2 weeks abs challenge and if you are starting out you can try my Beginners challenge.

3. Remind yourself why it's important

You started working out because you have a goal. It could be to be leaner, stronger, fitter, faster and so on. Whatever it is, you have a reason and that was important for when you got started. As you begin to progress on your fitness journey, it can be easy to get lost and lose motivation especially when you’re uncomfortable, cold, and just want to be cozy. It’s important to pause, take a moment and remind yourself why you started in the first place.

4. Focus on the mental health benefits of it

Working out is not only physical but a lot more mental really. Need to blow off some steam after a long day ? need an emotional lift? A brisk walk or a sweat session can help. Physical activity stimulates a brain’s chemical called endorphins that will leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. You will also feel better about yourself which automatically boosts your confidence and improves your self- esteem.

5. Invest in winter workout wear

Summer workout wear gets a lot of attention, yes but there are stylish items out there for winter workouts, too. Whether you plan to exercise outside, at home, or attend a yoga class, invest in warm, but light layers of workout wear that make you feel and look great without the chills weighing you down. Starting out nice and toasty will help warm your muscles up for the workout, and you can always remove the layers if you get too warm. In addition to that, new workout clothes are motivating enough. It automatically makes you want to wear them and get to training. Warmth also prevents you from catching a chill which will make it much easier psychologically to complete your workout.

6. Treat yourself afterwards

You completed a workout. Now it’s time for a frothy latte or your favorite breakfast. If you’ve managed to hit all your workout goals for the week as planned, then you definitely deserve to go out for an avocado toast on Saturday. Do it for a month and you deserve a new outfit. And so on.

7. There’s going to be summer once this is over

If it is winter now, it’s going to be over and summer is going to pop right out! Try viewing winter as preparation for that summer bod and use this as the motivation you need to continue working out during winter.Don’t forget the ‘beach body’ or the active summer holiday where you know you’ll want to be looking good, feeling good. That’s motivation enough to keep you going with your fitness routine during winter. It’s the hard work and effort you put in now that will show the difference in how you look and feel in the summer months to come.

8. Think of how warm you’re going to feel when done.

In those moments when you have to crawl out of a warm, cozy bed, change and head into the cold, it can be difficult to remember how great you will feel afterwards and warm even! So put the later feeling into your mind, not the one right when you have to climb out of bed. It’s all in the mindset 🙂

9. Find a workout buddy

Grab a friend or family member to hold you accountable. Having someone to frequently exercise can be a motivation in itself. It also opens doors of opportunity to trying something new. You don’t need a gym or studio, just each other and some space at your home with one of these workouts – Intermediate / Beginners Workout.

10. Update your playlist

Music is a great motivator and can help to distract you from fatigue. As it gets colder and darker outside, your playlist needs to step it up to keep you going! As the seasons begin to change take the time to revamp your playlist and reap the benefits.